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•Standard dicing saws 

•Medium to high volume production requirements

•Flexible dilution ratios

•Long dicing time  

•Small kerfs


1 Gallon

Please contact a sales rep from your region to complete purchase

KerfAid™ Dicing Surfactant

Shipping Options

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 10.59.47 AM.png
1 x 275 Gallon IBC Tote Per Order
Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 10.11.58 AM.png
1 x 55 Gallon Drum Per Order
Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 10.19.36 AM.png
1 x 5 Gallon Jerrycan Per Order
Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 10.42.56 AM.png
2 x 2.5 Gallon Jerrycans Per Order
Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 11.28.50 AM.png
4 x 5 Liter Bottles Per Order

A Thoughtful Packaging Strategy

Our pricing strategy is designed to maximize pallet capacity, minimize shipping costs, reduce waste disposal, and operate more efficiently at the manufacturing shipping level. We offer all customers the option to ship in various configurations of 5 gallon boxes or in 55 and 275 gallon drums. If you choose to receive shipments in 5 gallon boxes, we give the customer freedom to configure their shipping box with the options of 1x5 gallon jerrycan, 2x2.5 gallon jerrycans and 4x5 liter bottles depicted above. All the containers in the box will add up to 5 gallons per box. 

Shipping Options
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