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Terms & Conditions

Prices and Payment Terms

  • All prices quoted are in USD and EXW Singapore factory.

  • Once product is shipped from Image Transform Singapore Pte Ltd, the buyer assumes the risk of accidental deterioration and/or damage and any resulting disposal fees. 

  • This price quotation is valid for 30 days after the date of quotation. Please note that all prices are exclusive of any applicable taxes and shipping fees.

  • Standard payment terms are net 30 days post invoice date.

  • All new customers will be granted credit limit of USD 5,000. Customers applying for credit limit of USD 5,000 and above are required to provide latest financial statement and credit references in order to receive payment terms. 

  • Any legal fees resulting from non-payment for products or services are the customer’s responsibilities.


  • Warranty period for KerfAid and WaferGrip shall be 12 <twelve> months after delivery on workmanship.

  • Installation & service not included for parts purchase. 

  • Warranty period for parts < excluding consumable parts > shall be 3 <three> months after delivery.

  • Purchase for services to be consumed within 12 <twelve> months of PO date.

  •  Minimum Order Value (MOV) apply.

  • PO cancellation penalty will apply once PO is acknowledged, per below conditions :

  1. Within two weeks from PO acknowledgement – 20% of PO price ;

  2. Within four weeks from PO acknowledgement – 50% of PO price ;

  3. Within eight weeks from PO acknowledgement or two weeks before scheduled ex-factory date – 100% of PO price ;

Claims & Returns

  • Claims for shortage, defects or inaccurate fulfilling of orders (“Claims”) must be made to Image Transform Singapore Pte Ltd within 3 <three> working days after receipt of goods. 

  • All claims and returns must have an accompanying return authorization number regardless of reason(s) for return. Return procedures must be initiated by email contact directly with Image Transform Singapore Pte Ltd. There will be restocking charge and shipping fees on any items returned for exchange and replacement if error is not originating from Image Transform Singapore Pte Ltd. Our liability with respect to the above Claims is limited to replacement or exchange of such products.

  • In the event of any defects in any products sold and upon written notice to Image Transform Singapore Pte Ltd within 30 days upon receiving the products, a replacement of defective products shall be offered.

All bank charges incurred for the transfer, including those incurred by buyer’s bank agent are to be borne by buyer.

E & O.E applies

For Finance and Order matters, please contact:  Jack San

Terms & Conditions

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