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KERFAID™ is now available in ASIA for ASIA

The semiconductor industry is laser-focused on maximizing yields and productivity. Kerfaid™ dicing solutions and Kerfaid™ dispensing systems have provided improved methods to ensure cleaner wafers and to reduce corrosion on bonding pads for over 40 years. These solutions have led the industry in achieving higher die yields per wafer with every industry innovation through progressive product developments and quality services.

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What We Offer

KerfAid Dicing Surfactant™ is optimized for use on all types of diamond blades. Designed for sawing and dicing of alumina, PTZ, silicon, silicon carbide, and other electronic materials including copper and nickel. KerfAid has four main functions: surfactant, lubricant, corrosion inhibitor, and ESD preventative. All these factors contribute to an enhanced saw dicing process with improved yields. 



Takes away silicone residue created by the saw blade, completely removing it from the wafer. Surfactants also reduce surface tension to allow for a more complete coating of the saw area.



Helps lubricate the saw to limit chips and burrs along the kerf, as well as prevents the saw from overheating. Both processes promote the long-term health of the saw. 

Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion Inhibitor

Cleans off the oxidation/ contamination layer on the wafer, preventing any "false fails" that may occur during 

the chip testing process.

ESD Preventitive

ESD Preventitive

​Uses fluids with high conductivity to dissipate electrostatic discharge​.

Industry-leading Technology Since the Beginning

KerfAid was originally invented by Dynatex Inc. in Silicon Valley in the late 1980s as manufacturing challenges grew with constantly shrinking wafers size and tighter “kerf” dimensions. 

KerfAid was customized and further refined by Stanford professors in the late '90s into the ‘base’ formulation still used today. 

Dynatex was purchased by the Sarasay family in late '80s becoming a leading supplier of dicing surfactants in the US and globally. 

Our quality line of dicing products will expand their global availability through the acquisition by Corning Inc., a leader in global hi-tech solutions, and through a global license agreement to produce and market KerfAid/WaferGrip by The Millice Group of Companies based in Singapore.

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A Thoughtful Packaging Strategy

Our pricing strategy is designed to maximize pallet capacity, minimize shipping costs, reduce waste disposal, and operate more efficiently at the manufacturing shipping level.

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